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Welcome to AOL Artists

Your go-to place for information about all types of Cameras. Discover everything from photography and industry news to camera buying guides.

AOLArtists is founded by me, Olivia Bouler.

From a young age, camera’s fascinated me. My dad gave me my first Canon when I was seven, and since then I’ve tried to improve my craft. As a young Ornithologist and photographer, I travel a lot and love to bring a camera with me. I love the feeling of capturing a moment that can never be repeated and providing someone with a memento of a time or place.

Our team members include: Jacqui Oakley, Jacob Livengood, Sarah Stout, Wolff Olins, Jon Burgerman, Jenny Bowers, Jethro Haynes, Hanoch Piven, Harry Malt, Darren Booth, Nathan Fox, Amy Jean Porter and Helen Musselwhite.