Best Mirrorless Camera with Flip Screen

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Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Top Pick: Canon R5

You should pick this one if you don’t have time to do long research and you’re looking for a mirrorless camera with a flip screen. This camera does well in terms of quality and performance compared to most other comparable ones.

Mirrorless cameras are becoming more and more popular. Many people prefer them because they are smaller, lighter, and offer better image quality than a DSLR camera. The flip screen is also an added benefit for videographers as it allows users to see what they’re filming while holding the camera in front of their faces.  

Here’s our list of the Best Mirrorless Camera with Flip Screen:

Top 7 Mirrorless Camera with Flip Screen

Canon R5

Cameras such as the Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 are the latest models in the market. Those who want to elevate their photography will find it to be a game-changer.

Featuring 45 megapixels, your subject will be captured in detail in stunning clarity and resolution. Zooming in on your image will not result in any quality loss or cropping out of essential elements. The Canon EOS R5 can take photos up to 51200 ISO, so you will have no problem shooting indoors or at night when there is little light.

Professional photographers will appreciate the features of this camera, but beginner users will also love it! No matter if you’re starting out or needing an upgrade, this is one purchase you won’t regret.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Articulating Screen 
  • 8192 x 4320 Video 
  • Touch Screen 
  • 45.0MP Sensor 

Sony A7S III

The Sony A7S III is one of the best video and stills cameras in the world. The 35mm full-frame image sensor, with a 24.2-Megapixel image sensor resolution and ultra-low noise, allows for incredibly detailed images and low noise in the dark. You can capture images with rich details from dark shadows to bright highlights without compromising on quality or detail with a 15 stop dynamic range. 

You can edit your photos more freely with the 14-bit uncompressed RAW format and have more control over color depths and gradation curves than you will with compressed formats like JPEG or TIFF. 

Taking high-quality images in the silent shutter mode at up to 10 frames per second is discreet and the mechanical shutter ensures accurate exposure settings in challenging lighting conditions, such as when there are both very dark and very bright areas simultaneously (such as sunrise and sunset).

Using this advanced camera technology, you’ll be able to capture every moment in crystal clear clarity!   Don’t miss out! It will not disappoint you!


  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Body Image Stabilization 
  • Articulating 3-inch vari-angle Screen 
  • 3840 x 2160 Video 
  • Touch Screen (2.36-million-dot OLED screen ) 
  • Electronic Built-in Viewfinder 
  • 102.400 Max ISO 
  • 759 Focus Points 

Panasonic S1H

The Panasonic S1H is a high-sensitivity professional cinema camera that offers high performance in low light. 

In addition to the Panasonic S1H’s impressive 24MP full-frame camera, it has a high-sensitivity full-frame sensor that captures images with a wide dynamic range and sharp natural expression. There are also features for 6K 10-bit video recording, such as full-area 6K 24p (41096 x 2160) and anamorphic modes. Photographers and filmmakers alike will find this camera perfect for capturing their work on a film.

The V-Log/V-Gamut capabilities of this camera allow a wide dynamic range of up to 14+ Stops of dynamic range, an advantage that allows dark scenes to be captured as well as bright outdoor scenes without losing detail or quality. 

Even when shooting under difficult lighting conditions, such as dusk or dawn, you can record in log mode for greater color grading flexibility in post-production, or use the V-Gamut mode directly from the camera to capture rich colors straight away. In comparison to other cameras on set, your footage will look amazing with this device.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Image Stabilization for sharp pictures 
  • 3-way tilting Screen 
  • Excellent pictures along with 5952 x 3988 Video 
  • Environmental Sealing 
  • Electronic Built-in Viewfinder

Panasonic S5

Panasonic S5 is a lightweight, powerful hybrid camera that can capture vibrant still photography and cinematic video.

The Panasonic S5 has 4K 60p, 10-bit video, FHD 180fps Slow Motion option as well as 4:3 Anamorphic support. It also captures content in an impressive high-quality picture with 96MP High-Resolution mode, Dual Native ISO to minimize the noise in high sensitivity, and V-Log/V-Gamut with a 14-plus stop dynamic range. 

The advanced autofocus technology includes detection of the head as well as tone mapping for more realistic colors when shooting in low light conditions or at night. Powerful image stabilization ensures your footage will be smooth even if you’re on the move!


  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Image Stabilization 
  • Movable Screen 
  • Beautiful picture quality along with 3840 x 2160 Video 
  • Tilt-able LCD Touchscreen
  • Environmental Sealing

Canon R6

With one of the most advanced and modern cameras in the world, the Canon EOS R6 is one of the best.

Featuring a 20MP sensor and 6/752-point auto focus system, this mirrorless camera offers remarkable accuracy with detailed pictures. You can choose between two shooting speeds: 12fps (mechanical shutter) or 20fps (electronic shutter). In addition to shooting 4K at 60p, this camera is also perfect for capturing fast action shots.

It will change your life since it enables you to manage your photography and videography projects more easily than ever before. 

You can use this device to tell stories about the important people, places, and things in your life. Moreover, the purse-sized design allows it to be easily slipped into a purse, pocket, or handbag.


  • Articulating Flip-Up Screen 
  • HD Video quality with 3840 x 2160 maximum video resolution   
  • Touch sensitive LCD Screen 
  • Environmental Sealing 
  • Timelapse Recording 
  • Built-in Electronic Viewfinders 
  • Face Detection
  • Excellent image quality

Sony A7c

The Sony A7c is the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera. It has an advanced 24.2MP back-illuminated 35mm full-frame image sensor, 4K movie with full pixel readout, no pixel binning or crop, and HDR video capture resolution of 2160p. It also features 693 phase-detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points with 93% coverage for a wide range of shooting styles in any condition.

Get your hands on this professional-grade camera that will make you feel like a pro! You can use it to shoot any sharp images from landscapes to portraits to weddings without worrying about the quality of your shots because it has all the features you need for professional photography at an affordable price point. 

The Sony A7c is designed for professionals who want uncompromising performance in a compact design – so what are you waiting for?


  • Built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Articulating flip-out Screen 
  • 3840 x 2160 Video modes 
  • Tilt-able Touch Screen 
  • Environmental Sealing 
  • Electronic Built-in Viewfinder

Fujifilm X-T4

X-T4 is the newest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Fujifilm. The APS-C sensor is paired with 425 points of autofocus, and it enables a continuous shooting rate at 15 frames per second, as well as burst recording at 30 frames per second. The camera comes with everything you’ll need to take beautiful photos and videos on your next trip.

You’ll love the camera if you’re in the market for a new one or are upgrading your current one! This product was designed for professionals who are dedicated to capturing every moment in the best possible light. 

Its high quality means that you will not regret investing in it, as it will last for years instead of breaking down in six months as some other brands do.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi & 5-Axis Image Stabilization Feature 
  • Tilt Screen 
  • 4096 x 2160 Video recording capability 
  • Touch Display Screen for manual control 
  • Environmental Sealing 
  • Timelapse Recording 
  • 26.0MP Sensor 

Olympus-D E-M1 III

As Olympus’ most advanced camera, the OM-D E-M1 Mark III surpasses all of its predecessors. Besides the high-resolution 50MP sensor image resolution, the camera also has a 121 point all cross-type phase-detection along with a contrast-detection AF system, as well as the ability to shoot continuously at 18 frames per second.

Your photos will look and feel like professional life images from the moment you take them with this camera. The easy-to-operate interface and intuitive controls make it perfect for beginner photographers who want to advance their photography skills. You won’t have to worry about running out of space because the dual SD card slots enable you to shoot as much as you want.

Invest in this amazing piece of equipment to enjoy its benefits for many years to come. Be sure to grab one before they are gone.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Body Image Stabilisation
  • Articulating Screen 
  • 4096 x 2160 Video output
  • Environmental Sealing 
  • Electronic Built-in Viewfinder 
  • Face Detection


Best Mirrorless Camera with Flip Screen

Alternatively known as an articulated screen or tilting screen, the flip screen allows you to preview and take pictures from difficult angles such as above your head or waist level. Vlogging is also easy with a camera that flips or articulates because you can see if you are in the frame at all times while recording. The switch from flip screen to fixed screen cameras is really difficult once you get used to them. The above list of the best mirrorless cameras with flip screens includes the best models available in the market today.

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