Best Reverse Camera for Truck

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Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Top Pick: eRapta Backup Camera

The following model is best if you don’t wish to spend a lot of time researching and want a reverse camera for a truck to suit your needs. This reverse camera has better performance and quality than most others.

Truck drivers need to know about the best reverse camera to buy for their trucks. There are many different types of cameras available for trucks, but not all of them provide a clear view behind the vehicle. The type and quality of the camera will depend on the size and brand of your truck. 

The following article discusses some key features you should be looking at when shopping around for a new reversing camera: clarity, night vision capability, installation difficulty level, price point vs performance ratio, etc. 

Here we’ve mentioned our top pick for the best reverse camera for trucks-

8 Best Reverse Camera for Truck

eRapta Backup Camera

The eRapta Backup Camera is a camera that attaches to the rear of your vehicle and displays what’s behind you on an LCD screen. It has 18 infrared lights for night vision, so it can be used in any lighting condition. You’ll see everything in crisp detail with its advanced sensor technology. And because it’s waterproof, there are no worries about damaging it if water splashes up onto the lens while driving through puddles or rainstorms.

The eRapta Backup Camera is perfect for anyone who drives a truck, RV, trailer, or other large vehicles that need extra eyes on their back end. With this device installed, you’ll never have to worry about backing into something again.

It’s also great for people who need assistance getting out of tight parking spaces as well as those who like to go off-roading and explore new places without having to rely on someone else for help navigating difficult terrain. 

And best of all – installation takes only minutes! All you need is some wire cutters and electrical tape (or connectors) and voila – instant backup camera system! 


– Safer driving experience.

– Monitor your surroundings.

– Flexible Vehicle Compatability

Furrion Vision S

Are you tired of the same old RV/truck experience? The Furrion Vision S is a new and innovative way to see the world. With its easy installation, high-quality cameras, and long-range signal strength, it’s something like no other. 

The Furrion Vision S will change your life for the better with its live-streaming capabilities and intelligent IR cut filters that make sure you never miss a moment. It’s time to upgrade your RV experience today!

Upgrade your truck experience with this revolutionary product! You’ll be able to see everything in crystal clear HD quality without any lag or interference from outside sources. And don’t worry about running out of battery – this proprietary wireless communication provides a reliable digital connection with no lag at all! 

This is truly an amazing product that will change your life forever. Don’t wait another day before upgrading your next vacation destination into something even more memorable than ever before!


– No drilling is  required 

– Easy to install 

– Stable signal strength 

– No need to replace your existing lights.

Yakry Y24

The Yakry Y24 is a wireless backup camera system that provides a clear view of the area behind your vehicle. It’s easy to install and can be connected to any reverse lights on your vehicle, so it turns on automatically when shifting into reverse. 

You can also connect it to an external 12V power supply or battery for continuous power. The monitor has a 5-inch screen with an HD color display that offers superior stability and working distance up to 36 feet (11 meters) when reversing or driving forward. Backup lines can be turned ON/OFF and adjusted according to preference on the monitor’s 5-inch screen which comes with a charger included in the package. 

IP69 waterproof design allows installation anywhere inside or outside of the vehicle including dashboard, windshield, etc., while 150 degrees viewing angle ensures the clearest possible pixel image resolution for driver safety and convenience.


– You’ll have a clearer view of your car’s surroundings.

– Your backup camera will turn on automatically when you shift to reverse.

– Feel safer on the road with a 360-degree view. 

DoHonest V29

Do you need a backup camera for your car? The wireless design of the DoHonest 7” TFT rear-view monitor makes installation easy and hassle-free. You just have to connect the monitor to your lighter charger, connect the camera to running light or reversing light, and you’re good to go! It’s that simple. 

And it has a stable HD1080P image with a digital wireless transmission so there is no interference from other signals such as Bluetooth. Plus, it is waterproof up to IP69 standards – meaning this camera can withstand extreme temperatures (-4°F~149°F) and its lumen rating is 0.1 at low light conditions which means you’ll always be able to see what’s in front of you when driving even if it’s dark outside.

This product will make sure that you never get into an accident again because now every time someone comes out in front of your car they’ll be on video! Get one today before they sell out.


– No more complex wiring.

– Simple installation process.

– Stable and vivid HD1080P image. 


The AMTIFO W70 Wireless Rear View Camera Kit includes everything you need to wirelessly transmit video from your truck’s backup camera. It comes with the receiver, transmitter, power supply, and an IP69 waterproof HD resolution backup camera. You can mount it on your dash or anywhere else in your vehicle for the perfect viewing angle.

The W70 kit is compatible with cars, pickups, and trucks of all makes and models so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues. Simply plug in the transmitter into your car’s cigarette lighter socket (or any other 12V power source) then connect the receiver to a monitor or TV screen via HDMI cable (not included). 

This kit also has night sensor vision capability which means you’ll be able to see clearly during low light conditions as well.


-Easy installation

-Clear digital wireless transmission

– No need for a separate monitor.

– Decent resolution.

DoHonest V25

Is your truck equipped with a reversing backup camera? If not, you should get one. Anyone who needs two video feeds will find that the DoHonest V25 is an excellent option. It features a modest 5-inch monitor with great picture quality and support for video screen viewing. This camera is also waterproof and temperature resistant, so it will stand up to extreme heat or cold.

When the unit is in reverse, it has a range of 36 feet, and when used continuously it has a range of 30 feet. The parking guidelines can also be customized by drivers based on their vehicles. 

With its 5-inch monitor of larger screen, this backup camera could also make the most sense for drivers who need two video feeds. 

With the wireless connection, this device can be installed in your car’s dashboard without a wire and with up to two cameras, installation is faster and easier than ever before! 

With this method, you won’t bother getting out of your car when you park, since now you’ll know exactly where to stop without having to guess how much space you have! This product, with this new addition, will provide you with everything you need so you can drive around safely at ease in town. 


– There will be a warning before any obstacles arise. 

– Parking in tight spaces will be easy for you.

– It is wireless and simple to install. 

– 5 inch split screen monitor.


If you’re driving and want to be able to see what’s behind you, AMTIFO’s A6 Wireless Backup Camera is the perfect solution for you. You can install it on any vehicle and it’s easy to use. Alternatively, an additional camera can also be added or the original camera can be used. 

It has features like on/off guidelines, mirror images, forward or reverses views, as well as waterproofing IP69 for the license plate camera. With a wide 150 degrees viewing angle, you will be able to see a larger area. The camera just needs to be plugged into a light source and plugged into the cigarette lighter or connected to the ignition.


– Monitor of 5 inches 

– High-definition 1080p resolution

– The ability to switch screens easily.

– Even at night, you can get clear pictures.

LeeKooLuu F09

In addition to the built-in camera for the F09, a second wireless camera (either the RV camera or the Truck camera) can be added remotely to the CAM2 channel of the monitor to provide any kind of rearview or backup you need, as well as front and side views. 

This wireless back-up camera system only requires two steps to install. The Monitor can be powered via the cigarette lighter outlet, fuse box, ACC, radio, or ignition switch. In addition, if the camera will be used while you are driving, you should connect it to a continuous power source, like a taillight or running light.

With the quick and easy installation of this wireless backup camera system, you won’t have to be concerned about not being able to see what’s behind you. You don’t have to drill holes to install it – it comes with everything you need! 

Also, the viewing angle can be adjusted, so you can get exactly what you want! Furthermore, two cameras are included, so even if one fails you will have another one available. It’s best to order now before supplies run out because these will disappear quickly.


– Day and night clear HD 1080P photos. 

– Super night vision for a clear view. 

– Watch your truck/RV while it is reversing. 


Best Reverse Camera for Truck

We know that truck drivers have a lot of considerations to make when shopping for their new reversing camera. But as the article points out, there are many different types available on the market and it can be difficult to figure out which one will best suit your needs.

In order to help you find the right fit, we’ve created this list of the best reverse cameras for trucks so that you can compare them side-by-side in an easy way and find the best fit for you.

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