The Best Security Cameras for Your Home

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Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Top Pick: Ring

If you are looking for the best security cameras for your home to ensure safety and you can’t perform long research because of lack of time then just opt for this one. Overall its camera quality & performance along with security features are better than most options available for you to buy.

Home security cameras are your eyes and ears when it comes to keeping an eye on your property. Today, security cameras can be remotely controlled and installed using your smartphone. 

No matter whether you opt for a wireless indoor camera or a wired security camera system for outdoor surveillance, you will have plenty of choices. 

Our top picks for the best home security camera have been narrowed down because we recognized that finding the best one can be a challenge. 

What should I look for in a security camera?

There are a few essential features that you should look for when you’re looking for a security camera to ensure your safety, control, and peace of mind now and in the future. In choosing surveillance cameras for your home, keep in mind that your needs for home security should lead the way.

  • HD video quality

Video quality is better if it has a high resolution. A home security camera with a 1080p HD resolution or better will be able to show you crystal clear images of what is happening inside. Security cameras with 2K resolution are the best on the market.

  • Field of view

You can capture as much of your home’s surroundings as possible in one shot, depending on the field of view. Generally, cameras with a wide field of view of 110 degrees or wider will be able to capture more of the views surrounding your home. Additionally, you may want to avoid cameras that deliver distorted fisheye views.

  • Digital pan, tilt, and zoom function

Having digital panning, tilting, and zooming is useful if your camera doesn’t have the best field of view. For situations where you want to view activity outside your camera’s field of view, this feature is excellent. Ideally, your smartphone camera should allow you to zoom in and out as well as tilt.

  • Smart home compatibility

With the capabilities of smart home integration, you can live more comfortably. With some advanced cameras, you can use voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. There are also some cameras that can control other devices through one app or device.

  • Two-way audio

Two-way audio lets you communicate with guests outside your home as well as your children in the family room. If you’re at home or on the go, the mobile app lets you see your guests and talk to them.

  • Mobile control

You can control your camera with your smartphone thanks to mobile apps. A motion-triggering alert will be sent to your smartphone as well as real-time activity updates. You may also receive alerts when someone enters your home through the mobile app, and two-way audio functionality for easy intercom usage.

  • Storage Options

To store your videos on security cameras, you can choose between cloud storage and local storage. You will need a memory card to store local data. While your videos are secure and encrypted in cloud storage, you can able the access to cloud storage via your smartphone. Depending on the camera, there may be different storage facilities.

  • Motion detection

You can set your security cameras to alert you when someone is in your home by using motion detection. Security cameras have custom activity zones that you can choose to choose which areas to monitor. If there is any activity in your backyard or driveway, you’ll be alerted.

A Detailed List of the Best Home Security Cameras

1. Ring: Best Home Security Cameras Overall

Amazon-owned Ring’s doorbell cameras first gained popularity, but it also sells indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and over-the-peephole cameras along with other home security gear. We appreciated having the option of choosing from a wide range of cameras, both wireless and hardwired, with competitive pricing.

Besides motion detection, other Ring models support two-way audio, as well as Amazon Alexa and Echo on the same level as the doorbell cameras. By integrating your alarm system with smart integrations, you can control our burglar alarm system via voice commands and view the video on any display of your choice in your homes. 

With Ring DIY monitoring, you can monitor one camera at only a little cost for a month. With professional monitoring, you can connect your Ring devices to an account for only $9.99 per month.

2. Nest: Best Google Home Security Cameras

While the Ring and Amazon Alexa go well together, Nest does best with Google Assistant and other Google Home devices. Google Nest cameras work with Google Home speakers in an intuitive manner. 

Google Nest Cam can be ordered as indoor-only models, weatherproof models, or doorbell models. The system will send you all the necessary mobile notifications even if you do not subscribe to them. 

In addition, Nest Aware users receive 24/7 professional monitoring of their alerts from a camera that is continuously recording for up to 10 days, saves video recording to the cloud, and uses facial recognition technology.

3. Arlo: Best Video Resolution

A video camera with a 1080p resolution is considered to be high-definition. The weatherproof Ultra smart security camera from Arlo features super-high-resolution in 4K. 

In the event of low bandwidth, Arlo doorbell and indoor cameras lower their resolution automatically.

Arlo has packed each camera with a sense of security, a siren, and remote control for voice control. The camera also supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

Arlo cameras were popular for their multiple setup options, too, including the connection of wireless option or plugin, as well as magnetic mounting.

4. Blink: Easiest to Use Security Cameras

Using Blink’s wireless cameras, users can view their surroundings indoors or outdoors. Despite their cheap price, these are of excellent quality. With the Blink cameras, you can receive two-way voice communication, use one-way or two-way audio, customize motion zones, and arm and disarm the camera as necessary using Amazon Alexa.

Among Blink’s security cameras, the XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Cam with Lithium-ion Battery is the most advanced. On the Blink website, discounts are available when purchasing two or more cameras. 

A great deal of technology lies behind the device, including motion alerts, infrared night vision, two-way audio, live view, a temperature sensor, customizable motion zones, and two-way audio.

Video clips from Blink can be stored in the cloud for free until 7,200 seconds. The clips can range from five to 60 seconds in length. It is also possible to connect a USB cable to power the Blink XT2. However, this would have compromised the weatherproof camera.

5. Wyze: Most Affordable Security Cameras

In terms of price and mobile app integration, Wyze cameras are among the most affordable on the market. With Wyze, motion-triggered events are stored for free in the cloud, making it an incredibly affordable home security solution. Using Wyze cameras, you can monitor your home yourself.

The device includes geofencing (motion detection zones) and Alexa integration with the ability to detect specific frequencies. A smoke alarm detection, for example, triggers a mobile alert when the camera senses smoke.

The Wyze Pan Cam smart camera can rotate and pan to video capture of all directions at 110 degrees per second. The system includes voice control through Alexa and 1080p HD video resolution as well as infrared night vision so you can see clearly at night.

Additionally, you can check out Wyze’s mobile app for the video stream, and take advantage of free cloud storage plans for 14 days. An SD card can also be used to store local data.

6. SimpliCam: Easiest to Use Security Camera

SimpliCam is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. When connected to the internet, you’ll be able to view your camera’s footage directly through the app. You will also receive notifications when the SimpliCam detects movement if you sign up for the Interactive Plan. The app also provides an option to arm the camera when you leave the house in case you forget.

Our preference for monitoring is SimpliSafe Interactive Plan, as it offers many extra features, such as notifications and remote controls. With SimpleSafe, you can receive 24/7 monitoring from a professional if needed, and receive your video footage on your cloud for 30 days. As a result of the additional backup, your system will continue to work even when your power goes out.

The Best Security Cameras for Your Home
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