Can You Watch Owlet Camera on Computer

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Last Updated on December 4, 2022

If you have an Owlet camera, you may be wondering if you can watch the footage on your computer. The answer is yes! You can watch Owlet footage on your computer by downloading the free app and logging into your account.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view all of your camera’s footage. You can also download clips and save them to your computer for later viewing.

  • Plug the Owlet camera into an AC outlet using the included power adapter
  • Connect the Owlet camera to your computer using the included USB cable
  • Launch the Owlet app on your computer and sign in with your account credentials
  • Select the Owlet camera from the list of available devices
  • The live video feed from the Owlet camera will now be displayed on your computer screen!

Can I Watch Owlet Camera on My Computer

Yes, you can watch your Owlet Camera on your computer. You will need to download the Owlet App onto your computer first. Then, open the app and sign in with your owlet account.

After that, you’ll be able to view your camera’s live feed.

What Do I Need to Do to View Owlet Camera on My Computer

Assuming you would like tips on how to view your Owlet Camera footage on your computer: The first step is to make sure that you have the latest version of the Owlet app installed on your device. If you don’t have the latest version, please update the app.

Next, connect your Owlet Camera to the power adapter and plug it into an outlet. Once it’s plugged in, press and hold the camera’s setup button (located on the back) for 3-5 seconds until the blue light starts flashing. Now open up the Owlet app and sign in with your account information.

Once you’re signed in, tap on “Add a new product” at the bottom of the screen and select “Owlet Cam”. Follow the instructions on-screen to complete setup. Once everything is set up, you should be able to view live footage from your Owlet Camera by tapping on “Live View” at the bottom of the main screen in the app.

How Can I Ensure That I’M Getting the Best Quality Video Feed from My Owlet Camera

It is important to make sure that you are getting the best quality video feed from your Owlet Camera. There are a few things that you can do to ensure this. First, check to see if your camera is connected to the internet.

If it is not, then you will not be able to get a good quality video feed. Second, check the resolution of your camera. The higher the resolution, the better quality video you will get.

Third, check to see if there is anything obstructing the view of your camera. If there is, then move it so that it is not in the way. Finally, make sure that you are using a high-speed internet connection.

This will help to ensure that you are getting a good quality video feed from your Owlet Camera.

Owlet Camera HD Video Baby Monitor


The Owlet camera is a great way to keep an eye on your baby, but can you use it on your computer? The answer is yes! You can use the Owlet app to view the camera feed on your computer.

Just make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed.

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