Don’t Buy a Pet Camera; instead, use these Security Cameras

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Last Updated on November 7, 2021

Top Pick: DoHonest V25

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Pets are like family — a family who pees on the carpet and eats out of the trash. In fact, the question we are asked most of all when we are away from home is, “How can I keep tabs on our pets?” 

There are various pet camera models on the market, some of which can toss treats and even keep furry friends busy with automatic laser pointers, but we do not recommend them for everyone.

It’s over $300, which is more expensive than our top picks in the category, and we think they are absurdly overpriced. 

Our recommendation is to select one of the following more flexible, more affordable options that fit your needs. The following models do not all make our list of the best for stopping crime, but they may be able to help keep pups from eating (or pooping) on your shoes.

Observe-and command

Our best indoor security camera is great for pet owners. The Eufy 2C Indoor Cam is easy to install, records sharp image quality, and offers four ways to store them. 

As well, it is able to identify people, pets, and motion in general. Therefore, you’ll be able to see who is getting comfortable on the couch. In case you want to discourage someone from engaging in that activity. 

 When someone or something crosses a designated area (like the back of the couch), the Pet Command feature allows you to use the app to play an automated or personalized response. 

Additionally, you can make free video recordings to a microSD card or NAS (and be in a position to continue recording locally) or use Apple HomeKit Secure Video with iCloud storage. 

Alternatively, Eufy Cloud Service is available for a monthly fee ($3 per month or $30 per year for 30 days of storage for one camera, and $10 per month or $100 per year for 10 cameras or more).

Compact and cheap

Sometimes, you just want to take a look at how your pet is doing. 

Is the cat lying on the sofa? 

Is the dog drinking from the toilet? 

In that case, the Wyze Cam might be the best option on which you would ever spend. It’s one of the cheapest picks for security cameras. 

However, it still manages to record impressive live videos and short clips, which are all you really need from pet camera preferences. It is possible to sign up for a Cam Plus subscription that records events for up to five minutes each month for only $2 per camera (or $15 per year). 

Aside from that, you’re limited to just 12-second clips (which you send directly to the cloud storage options) before the program will need a five-minute break. 

Hours of footage recordings can also be saved to a microSD card, but the user interface for that feature can be difficult to use. To put it another way, if your pet does anything hilarious, you should expect to put effort into capturing it.

Furry friend or foe?

There is a special feature that is useful for pet owners in all Arlo cameras. It is possible to tell them apart from animals and people. This way, you will be able to tell when it is your dog and not the UPS driver knocking at the door. 

Arlo Smart device offers this feature along with the ability to filter alerts based on animals, people, and other adjustable motions. You can also store the continuous recording for up to 30 days and receive motion alerts.

While this outdoor smart camera is the most expensive on our list (top picks for a security camera), the cordless design and weatherproof construction allow it to be moved both indoors and outdoors as required.

Don’t Buy a Pet Camera; instead, use these Security Cameras
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