How Far Can the Blink Sync Module Be from Camera

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Last Updated on January 22, 2023

If you have a Blink Sync Module and are wondering how far away from your camera it can be, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Blink Sync Module is designed to work with the Blink cameras, and it can be placed up to 300 feet away from them. That means that you can place it in another room if you want, or even outside.

Just keep in mind that the further away it is, the weaker the signal will be.

The Blink Sync Module is the brains behind the Blink XT2 security camera. It’s what allows the Blink XT2 to wirelessly connect to the internet so you can view your live video feed from anywhere. But how far can the Blink Sync Module be from your camera?

Turns out, not very far at all. The Blink Sync Module has a maximum range of about 100 feet (30 meters). So as long as your Blink XT2 is within that range of the Sync Module, it will stay connected and you’ll be able to access your live video feed.

Of course, there are some factors that can affect the range of the Sync Module, such as walls or other obstructions. But in general, as long as your Blink XT2 is within 100 feet of the Sync Module, you should have no problem accessing your live video feed.

How Far Can the Blink Sync Module Be from Camera

The Blink Sync Module must be within range of your home Wi-Fi in order to connect to and control your Blink cameras. The exact distance that the Sync Module can be from your router will vary depending on factors like the construction of your home, interference from other devices, etc. However, in most cases, the Sync Module should be able to be located up to 100 feet away from your router without any issues.

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The Blink Sync Module must be within range of the Blink XT2 Camera in order to establish a connection. The maximum distance between the Sync Module and Camera is 300 feet (91 meters). If the Sync Module is not within range of the Camera, it will not be able to connect and you will see a red light on the Sync Module.

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